puzzle2Mental Health Staffing Services

Suzanne & Associates specializes in Mental Health staffing services, whether nonprofit or for-profit managed care. We match our trained and skilled professionals with your position requirements, including:

Employers utilize Suzanne & Associates because we recruit and train the qualified mental health staff that is in demand in the Pittsburgh area. If your human resources department is overwhelmed with recruiting and retention, we are here to help. As Suzanne & Associates is a contingency placement firm, we can supplement or replace your own hiring efforts. We’ll help your company create a flexible, productive workforce.

We’re systematic and thorough and can help you avoid costly hiring mistakes. You can also use the temp-to-hire option—try before you buy. Our staffing services are a fraction of what your company would pay in time-consuming recruitment, selection and retention. As a client, you’ll have access to our best candidates with the credentials and qualifications your organization requires.

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Our clients include:

Following is a list of Mental Health professionals and workers available through Suzanne & Associates. If the position(s) you’re looking to fill are not on this list, please call us at (412) 831-8211. We have access to all levels of mental health employees, from office staff and field workers to therapists and doctors.

By letting us know your staffing needs we can assist you with our mental health staffing services. We’ll take the time to understand your organization’s staffing needs so we can propose solutions that make sense to you.