mh_professionalPittsburgh Mental Health Career Opportunities

The time has never been better to join the ranks of mental health professionals in Pittsburgh. Suzanne & Associates will match your education, experience and career goals with the ideal mental health position for you.

Mental health professions help people promote optimal mental health. Psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health therapists, marriage and family therapists, and psychiatric technicians/aides are considered mental health professionals and workers.

Our mental and home health professionals enjoy the following:

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At Suzanne & Associates, your clinical skills and educational levels are important assets you have acquired. Your continued career growth, development and earning potential are a top priority. Trainings, educational benefits, and hands on job experience are some of the career development tools we provide each employee with a cooperative effort of thought, foresight, and planning between you and our human resources departmental specialists.

Masters prepared educational levels are Mental Health Professionals. Behavior Specialist Consultants and Mobile Therapists are also mental health professionals. The need for Applied Behavior Analysis trained BSCs is very high. At Suzanne & Associates, we will train you to join our group of highly skilled professional BSCs.

Associates and Bachelor prepared educational levels are Mental Health Workers. Therapeutic Staff Supports provide services to clients under the guidance and clinical supervision of mental health professionals. TSSÂ’s are provided to children in the home, school and community according to the needs of the client. Mental health workers are also counselors providing clinical care to clients in an outpatient setting.

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